“Learn how these 8 inspiring women found their
divine path to financial freedom through yoga!”

Joy Devi
Sara Avant
Bender Birch

Dear Friend,

I want to invite you into an important and provocative conversation about money in the lives of yoga practitioners and teachers.

You’re in the right place if you…

  • Long to feel more empowered around money
  • LOVE what you do, but get totally uncomfortable whenever it’s time to discuss prices or your boundaries
  • Feel conflicted between your desire to do good in the world and your need to generate a healthy income
  • Know you undercharge or give away too much for free, and then end up worried about how little you make
  • Are frustrated that even in the yoga field, which is 80% women, the highest profile teachers (and often the highest earners) are still disproportionately men
  • Wish you had inspiring mentors to give you a different perspective on money

“Get ready to learn what these highly successful female yoga teachers, truly experts in their field, did to create a vibrant financial life through yoga!”

How would you like to gain new perspectives on making money that honor women’s wisdom? Connecting with the Divine Feminine is your best ally to empower your financial life and transform your relationship with money.

Imagine feeling…

  • The confidence of knowing your true worth
  • The relief of knowing you can support yourself and your family ~ doing what you love
  • The freedom of being able to travel and attend retreats
  • The peace of feeling comfortable and relaxed around money
  • The joy of offering abundant service to the world

I’ve brought together 8 top women yoga leaders to share their insights from their inner journey around income and empowerment. Learn how their attitudes about abundance and material wealth are intimately related to their roles as leaders in our community. Hear where they’ve struggled, the inner demons they’ve faced in relationship to money, and the inspiring transformations they’ve gone through.

Here’s How to Get a FREE Pass…

The speakers in this telesummit are generously donating their time because they care so much about helping other women have an empowered life! You can get access to this online event at NO COST. All you need is a computer (or a phone line) to participate from anywhere in the world.

The event is happening live September 3 – 12. If you can’t join us live, don’t worry – you can access a free online replay after each interview!


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You’ll Learn the 3 Key Stages of
Financial Empowerment:

Stage 1 => LEARN

Understand the foundation of a healthy yogic relationship to money.
(Note: yoga and money are not mutually exclusive!)

Stage 2 => HEAL

Transform your financial life, inside and out, as a blessing of love to all beings.

Stage 3 => ACT

Transform the world ~ from a stable monetary footing.

In this inspirational and practical event you will….

  • Get the inside story on how these renowned teachers built thriving yoga businesses, and how you can too!
  • Understand how being of service and earning a healthy income are not in conflict
  • Step into powerful leadership when you drop the money baggage that’s been holding you back
  • Stop undervaluing yoga, and own your role as a midwife for the miracle of transformation
  • Learn how to find freedom and financial flow, even after years of struggle
  • Discover your inborn feminine cycles as the true source of success and prosperity
  • Contribute to healing the world by embracing your mission as a Sacred Business Woman

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“5 Secrets to Create Your Sacred Business”

With Laura Cornell, PhD, 
Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor
  • Turn your divinely-inspired mission into a thriving business
  • Channel your unique brilliance into an offering that focuses and deepens your teaching
  • Take your best gift and spread it widely ~ to the people who are praying to find it
  • Find the perfect words to describe what you do ~ so you fill your classes, workshops, and private sessions
  • Earn the money you need to contribute to your family, attend trainings and retreats, and feel at ease financially


Where is this event taking place?

Wherever you are!
You can literally call in from anywhere in the world and be connected with our event. All you need is a computer or a phone.

Participation is easy!
Once you register by entering your name and email, you’ll be taken to the schedule page. You’ll also receive call in details by email so you can listen live or via web. And if you have to miss a call, recordings will be available, so no worries!

My sister Yoginis, it’s time to help each other shine!

This telesummit is a place for women to come together to support, inspire, and uplift each other. I hand-selected each of these speakers to help you have a breakthrough in your financial life. It is time to THRIVE!

Won’t you join us?

With so many blessings,

Laura Cornell, PhD
Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor

What people are saying about
Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit

“Laura, thank you for the Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit. I feel its healing energy helping me further my yoga practice as well as my issues around finances. In your story as well as all the speakers, I am getting strong messages guiding my next steps. I am most grateful for your holding the space for all of us who are trying to serve our higher purpose as well as the communities around us. Much love and many blessings to you and your work. What a strong force you are!”
~ Sabrina deBeatrice, Oxford, UK
“Goddess bless you for bringing tears to my eyes and solace to my aching feminine soul. Yoga has been my touchstone for 25 years now, but your telesummit showed me the piece that has been missing. Now I have validation and strength to really teach my truth. The words of so many wise women in such a condensed time has woken me up. I want to be heard, to be successful, to earn good money…. As the goddess is, so am I herself!”
~ Kate Bendell, New Zealand
“Thank you for coordinating the Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit. The wisdom offered and shared through the telesummit is exceptional. And thank you for making available not only the audio but the transcripts as well. Saves time on taking notes and helps focus more on listening. Very nice!”
~ Sue Julian, Pinch, WV
“I am listening to all of the sessions. As I listen to them again and again, I discover new things from each recording. Thanks for putting this together!”
~ Jill, Adelaide, Australia
“I was thrilled with the Telesummit. I felt moved to see these approaches come together with deep honoring of the Divine Feminine. It gave me the clear understanding and sharing of the Goddess in what seems to be a masculine Yoga in spite of most classes being composed of women. Beautiful. Blessings!”
~ Darla Graves Palmer, Tucson, AZ
“This telesummit has come AT THE MOST PERFECT TIME imaginable. Along with difficult situations in my life, here comes grace and love and a hand to hold us and keep us steady. Thank you for the incredible thoughts and attitude adjustments.”
~ Kashi May-Bennett, Sydney, Australia
“THANK YOU for giving me and so many others access to such wonderful talks and teachers. I am Argentinian so many things I am really interested in happen very far away from home. Having this opportunity to listen to great teachers is something I value A LOT. Again, thank you very much.”
~ Alina Sansevich, Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“I feel very grateful to you and all the Yoginis on the telesummit. It was a week full of revelations to me. Something has shifted already in my practice. I am allowing myself to really listen to my body and follow its subtle voice instead of doing what I think I should do. It was such a relief to hear that we as women need time to unplug, to rest. I don’t need to feel guilty about it anymore.”
~ Evelyn Kaeser, Selat, Indonesia
“First, I would like to thank you sooooo much for providing this forum for me and all the other yoginis, and free of charge too. I so enjoyed the fact that I was able to participate from home. Thank you so much again, for everything.”
~ Lakshmi Annavajhala, Boxborough, MA



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About Your Guide and Host

laura-sigLaura Cornell, PhD, empowers women to heal body and soul, so they can contribute to healing the planet. She mentors Yoga teachers worldwide to leverage their talents for greater fulfillment, income, and service. Laura holds a doctorate in Religion and Philosophy from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification from the Kripalu Center.

As Founder of the Green Yoga Association, Laura spurred a nation-wide movement towards Green Yoga studios and produced two major conferences raising awareness about the connections between ecology and Yoga. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yogi Times, L.A. Yoga, and Common Ground Magazines. Laura has extensive experience and training in business planning, niche development, copywriting, marketing and sales, and coaching to remove fears and blocks. It brings her great joy to help other Yoga teachers find and live their soul’s purpose.

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